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FRAGRANCE WORLD - FOU D AMOUR EXCLUSIVE edp 90ml Retail Pack - MADE IN UAE ( inspired by CHANEL NO-5 )

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Chypre, gentle, sensual and intense - this is FOU D' AMOUR GOLD, which opens with soapy notes of purity that show aldehydes in combination with creamy ylang-ylang, the fragile beauty of orange blossoms, the straw echo of irises and the velvety touch of roses.

A hint of fruity caress is presented by bitter citrus bergamot with a whipped melange of peach, into which vanilla bean sinks together with softly purring sandalwood.

The conclusion is full-sounding echoes of the chypre tuning, penetrated by earthy patchouli, oakmoss and cool smoky vetiver, whose green trace highlights the floral arrangement.

The perfumers of Fragrance World Perfumes were inspired by Chanel N°5 when composing the FOU D'AMOUR GOLD perfume.


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